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K1 - GK2 Level 2 Karting Suit

The GK2 karting suit is a great entry-level karting suit with features that are normally found on much more expensive suits. This Level 2 homologated kart racing suit is not only stylish and comfortable, but it is also fully functional, meeting CIK and FIA homologation standards for eligibility in national-level and international-level CIK/FIA-regulated karting competition. Knit cuffs and stretch panels on the lower back and crotch make the GK2 suit more comfortable than the competition so you can focus on the race!

  • CIK/FIA Level 2 Approved
  • Abrasion-resistant Double Layer Cordura fabric
  • Soft tapered collar
  • Elastic wrist cuffs and inner ankle cuffs
  • Boot cut legs
  • Concealed Pockets
  • Breathable, lightweight inner lining
  • Lower back & Crotch Stretch Panels
  • Adjustable belt
  • Elastic underarms to provide 360 degrees of movement
  • Elastic waistband

Benefits of an FIA / CIK Homologated Kart Suit:

The CIK (Commission Internationale de Karting) is an association of the FIA (Federation de Internationale l'Automobile) that regulates karting competition at the national and international level. In most instances, racers are required to have homologated racing suits to compete in CIK / FIA-regulated races. Suits must pass a variety of tests in order to become CIK / FIA homologated, including wear resistance tests, heat resistance tests, and tests that determine how well the suit might protect the user in the event of an accident, so you can be assured of your suit's quality if it meets homologation rules. Suits that have Level 1 homologation are typically eligible for events up to the national level, whereas the Level 2 suit is designed to meet more stringent standards, and is required for international events. Once a suit has been homologated, it is good for five years of use, and typically must be re-tested on the third year after its manufacture date, though this may vary depending on what series you compete in. If you need a Level 1 kart suit, look no further – the K1 Level 1 Kart Suit offers everything that you need!

K1 - GK2 Level 2 Karting Suit Sizing Chart

Sizing varies between brands.
Please double check the sizing chart for each item.

K1 - GK2 Level 2 Karting Suit
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Sizing Chart:  K1 - GK2 Level 2 Karting Suit Sizing Chart
Sizing Notes:  Sizing varies between brands. Please double check the sizing chart for each item.
Notes A:  CIK/ FIA Level 2 Homologated
Notes B:  Double Layer CIK Cordura Kart Racing Suit
Usage:  Recommended for kart racing only. This suit is not SFI-Rated nor meant for use in auto racing events.
Model #:  10-GK2
Product Tags:  Karting Suits, K1, Youth Sizes, 1-Piece Suits, Karting Suits Only, XXXL+ Sizes, CIK/FIA Rated, Multi Layer
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