Heat Shield Karting Jackets

Does the scorpion karting jackets have heat shields? do u think the jacket will burn a hole easy since no heat shield on the back of the right arm sorry for all the questions but want a good karting jacket that will hold up.

Reason i ask is i race dirt oval karts and motor is right beside me and the header already burnt a hole in my jacket i have now thank


I wouldn't recommend the Scorpion jacket in that case. I'd look at something like http://www.kartingwarehouse.com/m5/Impact/p140/Impact---Kart-Jacket/product_info.html
This jacket has leather on the right arm to shield your arm from the heat. They're suit does the same: http://www.kartingwarehouse.com/m5/Impact/p141/Impact---Kart-Suit/product_info.html

I hope this helps some!
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