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Bell - 289 SRV 3MM Shields - Fits Vador


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    Restore your vision back to 100% with a Bell replacement shield. Replace your scratched, broken, or blemished shield with a new Bell replacement shield. All shields come with adjustable tear-off posts.

    Shield fits the following SA2015 Helmets:

    • Vador
    Styles Available:
    • Clear
    • Amber
    • Smoke
    • Dark Smoke
    • Blue Chrome
    • Gold Chrome
    • Silver Chrome

    Notes A: Replacement Shields & Visors
    Notes B: Bell Replacement Helmet Shields
    Notes C:
    2010191 289 SRV CLEAR AF BELL SHIELD
    2010192 289 SRV SMOKE AF BELL SHIELD
    2010193 289 SRV DARK AF BELL SHIELD
    2010194 289 SRV AMBER AF BELL SHIELD
    2010195 289 SRV BLUE BELL SHIELD
    2010196 289 SRV SILVER BELL SHIELD
    2010197 289 SRV GOLD BELL SHIELD
    Shields / Visors
    Part Number #: 201019