Bell - Quilted Helmet & HANS Gear Bag

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    Designed to protect the advanced line of helmets while incorporating a storage compartment for the head and neck restraint device, this Black Quilted Helmet Bag features a protective lining and a separate head and neck restraint device storage area below to keep your helmet and head and neck restraint device in the same bag while traveling.

    This bag fits all neck restraints including HANS, Necksgen, and ZAMP/Z-Tech and features a unique divider system allowing drivers to create separate storage areas for the helmet and neck restraint device.

    • Fits Both Your Helmet and Neck Restraint/Hans Device
    • High-End Quilted Design
    • Impact Absorbing Inner Foam Liner
    • Black And Red Bell Racing Design

    Notes A: Fits all standard sized helmets (including forced air) along with HANS Device

    Helmet / Gear Bags
    Part Number #: 2120002

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