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    Constructed from high quality suede and rubber, the K1 Pilot 2 is a lightweight, comfortable kart racing shoe that provides karters with excellent pedal feel. These kart shoes are extremely comfortable to wear thanks to a thin rubber sole and perforated construction.

    The ultra-lightweight K1 Pilot 2 shoe has been specially developed to offer karters of all ages a comfortable and durable budget-friendly shoe option. A newly designed, molded rubber compound sole offers excellent support for impressive levels of grip and allowing racers to easily modulate throttle and braking inputs.

    • High quality construction for lightweight and durability
    • Strategically placed perforated leather for better breathability
    • Ultra-thin and flexible sole provides superb pedal feel
    • Ergonomic insole provides comfort and precision
    • Low profile ankle strap for secure fit and maximum comfort
    • Available in men's sizes 3.0-14.0

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    Notes A: This shoe is not SFI-Rated.
    Notes B: Mid Top Karting Shoe

    Youth Shoes, Sizes 14.0+
    Part Number #: 14-PL2-NG

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