Let us help you choose the right karting helmet! We are happy to help you make sense of all of the safety ratings and styles to choose from. Our` site also allows you to easily narrow down the type of helmet you are looking for, whether it's for your child's first go-kart or an adult shifter race.

Most kart racing organizations require a karting helmet meeting the SFI 24.1 or Snell M2020, K2020, SA2020, or CMR2016 standards. Generally, any helmet with a Snell or SFI Rating is a good place to start looking for a karting helmet- searching across all of the ratings will give you the widest selection of^ helmets to choose from.

For children, we recommend a Youth Specific karting helmet as these use a much smaller and lighter outer shell that is easier for younger racers to manage while cornering at speed.

If you are looking for a helmet for home go-kart use or indoor karting, you may opt for a cheaper DOT Certified helmet. Helmets with only a DOT rating are not usually accepted for other types of kart racing though.

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Bell - Anti-Fog Insert for 287 Shield

Bell's Double Screen Anti Fog (DSAF) Inserts provide an added level of fog prevention and are effective in high humidity, high temperature racing conditions. The inserts feature a double screen gasket with an adhesive strip that attaches to inside...

Bell - SE07 2MM DSAF Shields - Fits KC7

2MM injection molded optically correct polycarbonate face shield with double screen anti fog (DSAF) insert for superior fog control. The SE07 shield uses the SV (SE07) pivot kit, is compatible with tear offs and is available in a variety of colors....

Bell - SRV-8 3MM Shields - Fits M8 & BR8 Helmets

This 3MM injection molded polycarbonate face shield from Bell features an anti-fog coating for improved fog control. This shield uses the SRV-1 pivot kit and is compatible with style C tear offs. Shield fits all M.8 & BR.8 helmets:M.8M.8...

Bell - SRV-8 DSAF 3MM Shields - Fits BR8 & BR8 Carbon

3MM injection molded optically correct polycarbonate face shield with double screen anti fog (DSAF) insert for superior fog control. This shield uses the SRV-1 pivot kit and is compatible with style C tear offs. Shield fits both BR8 helmets:BR8BR8...

WPS - Polar Fleece Drawstring Helmet Bag

Fits any helmet style or size Soft polar fleece material Heavy nylon cord with barrel lock closure Protects your investment while easing transport

Bell Moto - Panovision Shields - Fits SRT
(Blue Only)

No matter what or how you ride, one factor remains constant: the need for maximum visibility. Whether racing or going on a simple ride in the mountains, the ability to make safe headchecks and see obstacles clearly is critical. Offers riders...

ZAMP - RZ Clear Spoilers

ZAMP spoilers are a great accessory for open cockpit and kart racing. These spoilers reduce wind buffeting and increase helmet stability at speed. They come in an unpainted clear finish with double sided tape for easy installation. Please review...

ZAMP - RZ Carbon Top Shield Guard

The RZ Carbon Top Shield Guard is a carbon fiber guard that adds significant protection to the top of the shield and helmet while also allowing an even better sealing against dirt/dust intrusion. The shield guard fits All ZAMP RZ-XX helmets and is...

ZAMP - Z19 Shield Retention Kit - Fits FS-8 & FS-9

Replacement Z19 Shield Retention Kit for the FS-6, FS-8, FS-9 helmets.Contains all hardware needed to attach the shield to the helmet. Helmet retention kit includes: 2 shield hinge systems 2 fastening screws

ZAMP - RZ Air Vent Scoop

The ZAMP RZ Air Vent Scoops are great accessory for open cockpit and kart racing. These vent scoops direct air into the helmet at speed increasing ventilation. They come in a clear finish with screws for easy installation. Vent Plugs are also...

Bell - Sport Mag SA2020 Open Face Helmet

The Bell tradition of building high quality open face helmets with classic styling lives on in the Sport Mag. The Snell SA2020 rated Sport Mag is designed for racers who enjoy the feel of a traditional open face helmet and demand value and quality...

ZAMP - RZ-18H Open Face SA2020 Helmet
Retail: $179.95

The new RZ18H Helmet is Zamp's latest generation Open Face Helmet. It includes a removable/washable interior which allows for a better fit and can be removed for washing. The Open Face RZ-18H utilizes advanced features and leading edge styling...

ZAMP - RZ-60V Rally SA2020 Helmet
Retail: $349.95

The RZ60V "Rally" Style Racing Helmet features an open eyeport design to allow for better airflow and easier communication while incorporating a removable sun visor for reduced glare. This helmet was designed to meet the Snell SA2020 standard and...

ZAMP - Z-Tech Series 2A SFI-38.1 Head Restraint
Retail: $245.00

The Z-Tech Series 2A is an advanced SFI 38.1 rated head and neck restraint designed for total adjustability. The advanced multi-axis adjustment of the Series 2A allows you to adjust the width, arm angle, and arm width to provide maximum comfort...

ZAMP - Z-Tech Series 6A High Back SFI-38.1 Restraint
Retail: $329.95

The just released Series 6A introduces features never seen before in the Head and Neck Restraint market!With a higher back, the 6A allows for the most side-to-side movement and the higher pull angle creates a less restrained, more natural feel for...

ZAMP - Z-Tech Series 3A Compact SFI-38.1 Restraint
Retail: $289.95

The Z-Tech Series 3A is a new SFI 38.1 rated head and neck restraint with an innovative design allowing it to be lighter and more compact than other restraints. The Series 3A design does not require the use of bulky support arms, but still...

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