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Oakley - Track Woven Mechanic Work Pit Crew Shirt
(SM & MD Only)
Retail: $60.00

We’ve always respected the garage gurus who turn steel, grease and rubber into works of mad genius, so we’re saluting them with TRACK WOVEN. This mechanic’s shirt proudly sports four separate embroidered bits. It’s got the...

Oakley - Track Polo Zip Shirt - Small
Retail: $60.00

If you’re trying to stay on track with style, remember that a quarter zip is sportier than a standard button polo, and the look of our TRACK POLO will have sports bouncing around your brain lobes. Along with an embroidered icon and logo to...

K1 - One-Piece Clear Kart Rain Suit

Featuring crystal clear technology that wont crack after use. Sealable hand and feet cuffs to keep you dry. This kart rain suit is made from transparent plastic and constructed in one for increased comfort and usability and is a must-have item if...

ZAMP - Forced Air Adapters - Fits all RZ Helmets

These ZAMP RZ Top Air Adapters shields fit all ZAMP RZ helmet models. (Full compatibility list below) RZ Top Air Adapters allow intake for fresh air comfort circulated through air port channels directed onto the visor, minimizing fog and...

Bell - K.1 Sport Mini Replica Signature Helmet

Based on our popular K.1 Sport Helmet, this half-scale replica helmet is a favorite for autograph enthusiasts! Your favorite driver's signature will make this a treasured favorite. The Bell Miniature K.1 Sport Replica Helmet is perfect for any...

Racing Optics - Laminated Helmet Tearoffs

The World's Most Optically Advanced Tearoff Technology!3 Packs of 10-Layer "Distortion Free" Tearoffs. (30 Tearoffs Total)Reflection is caused by the speed of light slowing down as it enters a transparent material. When light travels through...

DMS - Tearoffs - 2 Mil - Box of 200

These 2 Mil. tearoffs are packaged 20 per pack with 10 packs per box (200 total tearoffs.)  Note: The "ZAMP Tearoffs" are not compatible with the ZAMP FS-8 OR FS-9 Helmets (these helmets do not have tearoff posts.) All other ZAMP helmets are...

ZAMP - Anti-Fog Helmet Insert

Fog Free Film Applied to Inside of Helmet Shield Fits most brands of Helmets Automotive, Motorcycle, and Karting Helmets Vision in Extreme Conditions Works in Cold and Rain Optical Advantage with No Distortion

Pro-Tek - Fresh Air Helmet Pumper

For use with fresh air helmets. Keeps dust & dirt out. Provides cooler air inside the helmet & prevents the shield from fogging. Includes remote mount fan & filter assembly with 4 foot hose. Must be wired to a 12 volt power source.Connects to...

WPS - HEAROS Extreme Protection Earplugs

7 pairs Free case 33 Decibel noise reduction rating Made in the U.S.A.

PJ1 - Helmet Shield Fog Blocker Spray

Tested under extreme fogging conditions from high-temperature, high-humidity environments, to sub-zero, humid conditions PJ1 Fog Blocker prevents fog from forming on goggles, face shields, glasses, mirrors, etc. Ensures crystal clear vision in...

ZAMP - RZ Clear Spoilers

ZAMP spoilers are a great accessory for open cockpit and kart racing. These spoilers reduce wind buffeting and increase helmet stability at speed. They come in an unpainted clear finish with double sided tape for easy installation. Please review...

ZAMP - RZ Air Vent Scoop

The ZAMP RZ Air Vent Scoops are great accessory for open cockpit and kart racing. These vent scoops direct air into the helmet at speed increasing ventilation. They come in a clear finish with screws for easy installation. Vent Plugs are also...

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