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    The OMP FIRST-S Racing Glove is a remarkably comfortable glove that carries both the SFI-5 and FIA8856 safety ratings. These gloves are extremely versatile and can be used for many different disciplines of racing- from HDPE's to dirt track, karting, and even boat racing, the FIRST-S glove is a high quality glove that gives your hands the protection they deserve!

    The First S Gloves are Made in Italy and use a 100% aramid fiber construction for fire retardancy. The fingers and palms feature silicon rubber grips that make grasping the steering wheel effortless. The seams are internal producing a clean look when combined with the contrasting printed graphics. An elastic wrist band reliably holds the gloves in position while the gauntlet is straight cut and double stitched for added durability.

    The OMP FIRST-S Racing Gloves are a great choice for many types of racing and carry both FIA8856-2018 and the SFI 3.3/5 (SFI-5) safety ratings.

    • Comfortable Multi-Discipline Racing Gloves
    • High Grip Silicon Rubber on Palms & Fingers
    • Internal Stitching
    • Elastic Wrist Band
    • Made in Italy
    • FIA8856-2018 Homologated
    • SFI 3.3/5 (SFI-5) Rated

    Consider ordering a glove one size larger than recommended for a more
    comfortable fit and to prevent binding when the hand is fully closed.

    Sizing Notes: Sizing varies between brands. Please check the sizing chart for *each* item.

    Notes A: SFI 3.3/5 (SFI-5) Rated
    Notes B: FIA8856-2018 Rated
    Notes C: MY2020

    Auto Racing, Dirt Track, SFI-Rated, SFI-5 Rated, FIA-Rated, Multi Layer, Women's Gloves
    Part Number #: IB/761A

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