ZAMP - Z-Tech Series 2A / 3A / 6A Helmet Anchor Posts

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    Replacement set of the helmet post mount kit for the Z-Tech Sports Series 1A/2A/3A/4A/6A head and neck restraint device to outfit your spare or secondary helmet as needed. The helmet-mount kit is included with the purchase of a new Z-Tech device and this kit will serve to outfit a second helmet and/or replacement.

    Helmet post kit will include:

    •     2 mounting screws
    •     2 posts
    •     2 post base washers
    •     2 internal backing nuts

    Notes A: Works with 1A / 2A / 4A / 6A Series Restraint Systems

    Auto Racing, Drag Racing, Dirt Track, Restraints / Harnesses, Neck Braces
    Part Number #: NZHC001A