ZAMP FS-9 M2020D Karting Helmet Review

The ZAMP FS-9 Karting Helmet is one of the most popular helmets in karting for good reason. It's entry level price combined with a Snell M2020D rating make it a great option for those wanting to hit the track without breaking the bank.

This helmet has been updated with a new look for the Snell M2020D standard and consists of a lightweight fiberglass shell with superior impact absorption. The FS-9 is a great entry level helmet that provides a higher level of protection than "DOT" only rated helmets.

ZAMP FS-9 Karting Helmet Gallery

ZAMP FS-9 Helmet
ZAMP FS-9 Helmet
ZAMP FS-9 Helmet
ZAMP FS-9 Helmet: Side
ZAMP FS-9 Helmet
ZAMP FS-9 Helmet: Back
ZAMP FS-9 Helmet
ZAMP FS-9 Helmet: Easy Release Shield
ZAMP FS-9 Helmet
ZAMP FS-9 Helmet: Black, Matte Grey, White
ZAMP FS-9 Helmet
ZAMP FS-9 Helmet: Graphic Styles

What kind of features does the FS-9 Helmet have?

Features Include:
  • Lightweight Composite Fiberglass Shell for superior performance
  • Adjustable Chin and Scalp Vents with Rear Exhausts.
  • Plush Removable/Washable Interior
  • All Helmets Include a locking Clear Z-19 Series 3mm Shield
  • Includes soft-touch drawstring Helmet Bag
  • Many colors and shields to make your own custom look!
  • D-Ring Fastener
  • Meets or Exceeds Snell M2020 and DOT

ZAMP FS-9 Helmet Lace Strap
Chin and Scalp Vents

Chin and scalp vents allow air to flow freely into the helmet to keep you cool. It also features a removeable/replaceable nose cover that reduces glare, fog, and channels airflow.

ZAMP FS-9 Helmet Lace Strap
Removeable Interior

The FS-9 also features a removeable and washable interior that can be replaced if needed- prolonging the life of your helmet.

ZAMP FS-9 Helmet Lace Strap
FS-9 Shield Replacement and Locking Mechanism

All FS-9 helmets include a clear Z-19 shield installed. The shield can easily be removed and/or replaced without the use of any screws because of the design of the sliding retention kit.

What is the ZAMP FS-9 Helmet rated?

The ZAMP FS-9 carries the Snell M2020D rating and is also DOT approved.

The Snell M2020D rating certifies a helmet for use in competitive motorcycling racing, however, it is also the standard in use at most amateur karting tracks in the USA.

Is the FS-9 a good helmet for karting?

The ZAMP FS-9 is a great choice for a karting helmet that fits the budget. Plus it's available in several colors and graphics to help you match your kit!

We recommend the FS-9 for racers around 10-12 years through adult. This helmet uses a full size "adult" style shell and might be too heavy for younger or smaller racers to manage on the track. For those younger racers we recommend one of the youth specific helmets available here: Youth Specific Helmets

What colors and sizes is the ZAMP FS-9 Helmet available in?

  • Matte Grey
  • White
  • Matte Black
  • Orange Graphic
  • Blue Graphic
  • Red Graphic
  • Hi-Viz Neon Graphic
  • 2X-Small
  • X-Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large
  • 2X-Large

Where can I buy the ZAMP FS-9 Karting Helmet?