Wearing both neck and chest protection is extremely important for reducing the risk of injury while karting. We highly recommend purchasing a neck brace` and rib vest before hitting the track for the first time.

A karting neck brace or neck collar is essential to help support the neck from over-extension.^

For the torso, a rib vest both reduces vibrational fatigue with additional padding on the back as well as safeguards your ribs against extreme impacts that could bruise or worse! For very young racers, we recommend a chest protector instead as the principle concern is contact with the steering wheel / column.

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K1 - Pro Karting Neck Brace
Price: $45.00

The new K1 Kart Racing Neck Collar was designed with driver comfort in mind. Featuring an anatomically designed rear helmet support to provide comfort and safety while driving, a Velcro fastener and it is machine washable with a zipper for easy...

OMP - Karting Neck Brace
Price: $79.95

The OMP Karting Neck Collar is an anatomically designed neck support collar in expanded polyurethane. This neck collar makes use of differentiated density to allow firm support in the rear while the front of the collar remains soft and flexible....

EVS - R4 Race Spec Karting Neck Brace
Price: $124.95

The R4's low profile and lightweight (ADULT 635 grams/YOUTH 386 grams) design provides superior range of motion without sacrificing function. Minimizes risk of axial compression, hyperflexion, hyperextension and lateral hyperflexion Easy front...

K1 - Pro Lite Karting Rib Vest
Price: $70.00

Our Pro Lite Rib Vest is a superb rib protector that features a lightweight foam mesh inner lining for extreme comfort with an integrated hydro-foam outer rib barrier for ultimate protection. With our Pro Lite Rib Vest, we set out to design a rib...

K1 - Karting Neck Brace
Price: $39.95

Anatomically designed rear helmet support to provide comfort and safety while driving, a Velcro fastener and it is machine washable with a zipper for easy removal of the padding. Provides added protection to neck and collar bone. Padding is easily...

EVS - R2 Comp Spec Karting Neck Collar
Price: $42.95

An enhanced race collar that provides protection against common neck & collarbone injuries. Features: Low profile design Removable / washable liner Easy front entry system Youth Size for Racers less than 5'3" / 105lbsAdult Size for Racers...

OMP - Carbon Karting Rib Vest
Price: $189.00

The OMP Carbon Rib Vest is a lightweight karting rib protector that makes safety a first priority. This vest not only protects from unforeseen impacts, but also helps to prevent exhaustion during those longer karting sessions. This OMP rib vest is...

K1 - Go Kart Child Chest Protector
Price: $69.95

One of the most important things you can buy to Protect Your Child! Sizes: comes in one size that fits children ages 5-12. Our K1 Go Kart Chest Protector has been rigorously tested and designed for maximum protection and comfort. Lightweight made...

K1 - Carbon Fiber Karting Rib Vest
Price: $100.00

A rib vest helps absorb and evenly distribute impacts and vibration directed through the chassis into your body, helping reduce the chance of injury and allowing you to focus on the task of driving, rather than discomfort or exhaustion. The...

Alpinestars - Sequence Youth Karting Neck Brace
Price: $55.00

Designed and developed specifically for younger racers, the Sequence Youth Neck Brace is the starting point on a junior racers journey to the podium.Ergonomically profiled for a young racer’s body requirements the Sequence Neck Brace’s...

RaceQuip - 360 Helmet Support Neck Brace
Price: $39.95

SFI Version Carries SFI 3.3 CertificationFull Round 360 Shape 2" Thick Tapered Wedge Design Flame Retardant High-Density Foam Woven FRC Cover Velcro ClosureAvailable in Youth & Adult Sizes! The RaceQuip 360 Helmet Support is made of...

Fly Racing - Barricade Lite Chest Guard
Price: $54.95

Don't need a bulky rigid chest protector, but still want a bit more chest/rib protection than just your karting suit provides?Protect yourself by wearing one of our Barricade rib guards under your karting suit or jacket for an lightweight layer of...

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