A karting glove gives your hands protection, extra grip, and vibration dampening while letting you choose the amount of style you prefer. We have a variety` of in-stock karting gloves from brands such as Alpinestars, K1, and OMP.

A quality kart racing glove will have padded grips on the fingertips and palms. These make it easier to grip the steering wheel with minimal effort, letting you keep your focus on the race at hand. Many karting gloves are also now made with external seams which prevents pressure points from developing on your fingertips over long races.

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K1 - RS-1 Kart Racing Gloves

The all new RS-1 Kart Racing glove is probably the most comfortable kart racing glove on the planet. The glove has an array of features any karter would love to have. It offers a rolled finger tip design which allows the removal of the standard 4...

OMP - KS-2 ART Karting Gloves

The eye-catching OMP KS2 ART karting gloves feature stylish printed graphics on a stretchable lightweight fabric.These gloves are a great choice for a lightweight karting glove that won't break the bank! The KS-2 Art gloves use an external stitch...

Alpinestars - Tech-1 K v2 Karting Gloves

The Alpinestars Tech-1 K v2 Glove is a premium karting glove from the most trusted name in kart safety performance. These gloves feature a great blend of both technology and design that has made the Tech-1 K glove an iconic and familiar sight at...

ZAMP - ZK-20 Karting Gloves

The ZK-20 Karting Glove is ZAMP's latest entry into their comprehensive lineup of racing gear. This high-quality kart racing glove is not only comfortable and stylish, but does it at a great price! The ZAMP ZK20 gloves feature pre-curved fingers...

Alpinestars - Tech-1 KX v3 Pro Kart Gloves

The Tech-1 KX V3 Glove is Alpinestars flagship karting glove now with an all new design and feature set. This was glove developed alongside professional racers and sacrifices nothing in pursuit of ultimate performance. This Alpinestars Tech-1 KX...

OMP - KS-3 Karting Gloves

The OMP KS-3 Karting Gloves are a pro-style glove perfect for karters of all ages and skill levels wanting a high quality glove with extended protection. The KS3 Gloves are made of a comfortable stretch fabric that easily conforms to the shape of...

Alpinestars - Tech-1 K v3 FIA Karting Gloves

Alpinestars has updated their most popular karting glove with a brand new design! The Alpinestars Tech-1 K v3 Glove is the latest in Alpinestars' karting technology-This glove has been redesigned with printed graphics, stretchable construction,...

OMP - KS-2R Pro Kart Racing Gloves

The OMP KS-2R Pro Karting Glove is the state of the art in kart racing performance from OMP. Utilizing 'Flex Technology', the KS-2R fits like no other karting glove- allowing it seemingly disappear from your hand and let you focus on the next apex....

K1 - Circuit Karting Gloves

K1's Circuit Karting Gloves gives experienced karters what they've been asking for!This brand new glove combines a highly-breathable, stretchable fabric with a vibration dampening high-grip palm.These gloves are Made in Italy and also feature...

OMP - KS-4 Karting Gloves

The latest version of the OMP KS-4 Karting Glove is a great entry level kart glove available in a wide range of sizes. The OMP KS4 Gloves are made out of a soft, abrasion resistant stretch fabric with a medium cut wrist gauntlet that keeps your...

Alpinestars - Tech-1 K Race v2 Karting Gloves

The Alpinestars Tech-1 K "Race" glove is an entry level glove that punches above its class with a comfortable, lightweight profile and eye-catching digital printed graphics throughout. This lightweight karting glove features a construction of...

Alpinestars - Tech-1 KX v4 FIA Karting Gloves

The Alpinestars Tech-1 KX v4 gloves use a brand new honeycomb mesh material to create a karting glove unsurpassed in breathability and comfort while incorporating the latest in kart safety technology. The KX v4 is a pro level glove using two-layer...

Fly Racing - CoolPro Mesh Karting Gloves

Lightweight karting glove perfect for some warm up laps or hot weather use! Hook and Loop adjustable cuffFull Mesh Back Panels for maximum airflow! Reinforced Clarino palm with silicone print for gripTouchscreen compatiblePre-curved construction ...

OMP - KS-4 Karting Gloves
(XS / SM / XL)
Retail: $49.95

The OMP KS-4 Karting Glove is a great entry level kart glove available in a wide range of sizes. The OMP KS4 Gloves are made out of a soft, abrasion resistant stretch fabric with a short cut wrist gauntlet that keeps your focus on the race at hand....

Fly Racing - UltraLite Kart Gloves
(Limited Sizes)
Retail: $24.95

Well designed lightweight karting glove perfect for some warm up laps or indoor use! Ultra Lightweight Race Glove – with a new softer hand feel for improved comfort Lycra Finger Sidewall and Gusset – for improved air flow and...

K1 - Flight SFI-5 Pro Racing Gloves

The K1 Flight Pro Racing Glove raises the bar on comfort and performance as K1's flagship racing glove. Made of incredibly soft nomex, these gloves feature K1's most advanced technologies blended with eye catching style and top level safety. The...

OMP - FIRST EVO FIA Racing Gloves
Retail: $139.00

The OMP FIRST EVO Racing Glove is a comfortable, lightweight, high performing auto racing glove. It features an elastic band on the wrist and a straight cut gauntlet. For the best driver performance on the track, this glove features a silicon palm...

OMP - FIRST-S SFI-5/FIA Racing Gloves

The OMP FIRST-S Racing Glove is a remarkably comfortable glove that carries both the SFI-5 and FIA8856 safety ratings. These gloves are extremely versatile and can be used for many different disciplines of racing- from HDPE's to dirt track,...

K1 - Flex SFI/FIA Rated Auto Racing Gloves

The K1 FLEX Nomex Glove is our most advanced premium driver's glove. Complying with both FIA 8856-2000 & SFI 3.3/5 homologation standards, the FLEX glove is constructed with the highest quality lightweight bonded Nomex. Featuring a seamless...

Velocita - Skeleton SFI-5 Auto Racing Gloves

One of the thinnest and lightest SFI-5 gloves on the marketTwo-layer glove that is both breathable and flexibleV-grip palm has an unmatched grip and is double stitched for durabilityEye-catching skeleton graphics in bright neon colorsSFI 3.3/5...

Alpinestars - Tech-1 Race v3 FIA Gloves

The Tech-1 Race v3 Glove is an updated version of the popular Alpinestars drivers glove. The new v3 edition is perfect for racers looking for professional quality features such as pre-curved fingers and external palm seams to reduce pressure...

Alpinestars - Tech-1 ZX v3 SFI/FIA Racing Gloves

The latest "v3" edition of Alpinestars Tech-1 ZX gloves uses an innovative mesh-like honeycomb material to allow breathability and airflow unlike any other auto racing glove on the market while still exceeding the rigorous SFI 3.3/5 and FIA8856...

OMP - ONE-S SFI-5/FIA Auto Racing Gloves

The OMP ONE-S Racing Glove is a modern take on OMP's line of "Super Pro Racing Gloves". These gloves feature OMP's most advanced technologies blended with eye catching style and top level safety. The ONE-S glove is Made in Italy and complies with...

Alpinestars - Tech-1 Start v3 SFI-5 Gloves

The Alpinestars Tech-1 Start v3 Gloves bring fashionable performance to an affordable price. Designed with a single upper panel and innovative finger construction, the Tech-1 Start v3 Gloves have been engineered to reduce the excess material in the...

K1 - Champ SFI-5/FIA Nomex Auto Racing Gloves
(Red/Small Only)
Retail: $99.95

The new Champ Glove was developed in conjunction with professional race car drivers to provide a top of the line Nomex glove that exceeded both the SFI 3.3/5 and FIA8856-2000 ratings.This ultra-lightweight glove with it’s anatomically correct...

ZAMP - ZR-50 SFI-5 Two Layer Auto Racing Gloves

Introducing the all-new Zamp ZR-50 Race Glove! Featuring high-quality reverse seam construction, an elastic enclosure, and thin leather palm, these light-weight two-layer gloves are the perfect choice for racers. With reverse stitching, the seams...

K1 - Track-1 Nomex SFI-5 Auto Racing Gloves

Certified to SFI 3.3/5 standards, the NEW Track 1 Nomex gloves incorporate the latest, innovative materials and premium design features at an entry level cost. Product Features: SFI 3.3/5 Rated Pre-curved fingers and palm help reduce fatigue while...

OMP - Tecnica FIA-Rated Racing Gloves

The OMP Tecnica Racing Glove is an advanced drivers glove meant for racers desiring a professional quality glove, but with comfort and style that excels in any class. The Tecnica glove is Made in Italy and complies with the FIA 8856-2018...

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