No matter the type of kart racing you're doing a karting helmet is essential! We are happy to help you make sense of all of the safety ratings and styles to choose from.`

Most kart racing organizations require a karting helmet meeting the SFI 24.1 or Snell M2020, K2020, SA2020, or CMR2016 standards. Generally, any helmet with a Snell or SFI Rating is a good place to start looking for a karting helmet- searching across all of the ratings will give you the widest selection of^ helmets to choose from.

For children, we recommend a Youth Specific karting helmet as these use a much smaller and lighter outer shell that is easier for younger racers to manage while cornering at speed.

If you are looking for a helmet for home go-kart use or indoor karting, you may opt for a cheaper DOT Certified helmet. Helmets with only a DOT rating are not usually accepted for other types of kart racing though.

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ZAMP - FS-9 Snell M2020D Kart Racing Helmet

Building on the success of the Zamp FS-8, the all new FS-9 consists of a lightweight Fiberglass Shell meeting the Snell M2020D standard. The FS9 offers superior Fiberglass impact absorption, a feature usually only seen on helmets twice the cost....

ZAMP - RZ-42Y Youth CMR2016 Karting Helmet
Retail: $249.95

The RZ42Y Youth Racing Helmet was designed with the safety of young kart racers in mind! This helmet uses a specially designed small shell to fit junior racers while reducing weight to keep fatigue to a minimum. Rated to the stringent Snell/FIA...

Bell - K1 Sport SA2020 Racing Helmet

The K1 Sport is a race-ready, multi-use, full-featured helmet with superior ventilation combined with modern styling built for the entry-level racer who demands quality at an affordable price. Incorporating a lightweight composite shell, excellent...

Bell - GP.2 Youth SFI-24.1 Racing Helmet

The GP.2 Youth is for young racers who need a fire retardant helmet built with youth safety in mind. The GP2Y Helmet is a fantastic choice for young racers who demand great styling, superior features, light weight and excellent fit in a smaller...

ZAMP - RZ-59 SA2020 Auto Racing Helmet
Retail: $219.95

The Zamp RZ-59 is Zamp's latest Snell SA2020 helmet with great ventilation and adaptability! The RZ59 is available in two stylish matte finishes featuring a lightweight shell with great airflow to keep you cool out on the track. Features: Composite...

Bell - K.1 Pro SA2020 Racing Helmet

The Bell K1 Pro is a multi-discipline, full-featured helmet with superior ventilation, aero styling with Bell’s aggressive chin bar design for less lift and buffeting at speed. The K.1 Pro's aero features enhance the helmet's aerodynamic...

Bell - KC7 CMR2016 Youth Karting Helmet
Retail: $599.95

The KC7-CMR is an ultra-lightweight youth karting helmet based on the F1 proven RS7 design. The sleek, aerodynamic shell features an advanced ventilation system to maximize cooling and a Double Screen Anti-Fog (DSAF) shield to eliminate fogging....

Scorpion - EXO-R420 M2020D Karting Helmet
(Limited Sizes)

The EXO-R420 helmet continues to set a new standard for Snell Rated full face helmets at a very competitive price point. An all new advanced LG polycarbonate shell is more aerodynamic and smaller resulting in an ultra lightweight SNELL M2020D...

Bell Moto - Qualifier DOT Karting Helmet

The Bell Qualifier raises the performance/value quotient to exceptional new levels. From the aggressive and aerodynamic shell to our exclusive ClickRelease shield system, the Qualifier comes packed with many features that come directly from our...

ZAMP - RZ-62 Aero SA2020 Race Helmet
Retail: $359.95

The RZ-62 Pro Aero Racing Helmet uses a lightweight aramid mix shell and is rated to the Snell SA2020 standard. The aggressive shell design provides additional protection with a large lower chin bar as well as enhanced aero properties while the...

Bell - RS7-K Snell K2020 Karting Helmet

Built for the serious kart racer, the RS7K is the karting specific version of the RS7 with a non-fire retardant, extra durable interior. Based on the HP7 design and featuring a lightweight carbon composite shell, the RS7-K uses an innovative shell...

Bell - KC7-EV CMR2016 Youth Karting Helmet

New from Bell, The KC7-EV is an "extended vision" update of the popular KC7 youth karting helmet. This "EV" edition has a considerably larger viewport area to significantly reduce tunnel vision as well as making it easier to wear glasses inside of...

GMAX - GM49Y DOT Youth Karting Helmet

D.O.T. Approved thermo-plastic poly alloy shell Youth sized shell and sizing designed for smaller heads Fully removable Coolmax comfort liner and cheek pads moves the moisture away from your head and dries quickly. GMAX flow-thru intake and exhaust...

ZAMP - RZ-37Y SFI 24.1 Youth Racing Helmet
Retail: $219.95

The RZ37Y Youth Racing Helmet was designed with the safety of junior racers in mind! Using a youth-specific shell design this lightweight helmet works great for junior drag, quarter midget, and youth dirt track racing. Features: Youth Specific...

Bell - KC7 F1 LE Youth Karting Helmet

The Bell KC7 F1 LE Youth Karting Helmet is a special edition helmet featuring the exclusive designs of your favorite Formula 1 drivers. Based on the popular Bell KC7 Youth Karting Helmet, this helmet maintains Bell's focus on youth safety- carrying...

ZAMP - RZ-56 No-Vent SA2020 Helmet
Retail: $219.95

The Zamp RZ56 "No-Vent" is Zamp's entry level Snell SA2020 helmet providing a great value and adaptability. This helmet features minimal front venting making it a great choice for dirty or dusty race environments. It's also available in Zamp's...

Fly Racing - Revolt DOT Karting Helmet
Retail: $149.95

D.O.T. Approved Durable and lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell Dual density EPS liner – two layers of EPS, one softer one slightly harder, combine to provide a more progressive impact absorption for different levels of impact Optically superior...

Bell - KC7 Carbon CMR2016 Youth Karting Helmet

Bell continues to innovate with the KC7-CMR Carbon, the first ultra-lightweight carbon youth karting helmet on the market. The KC7 Carbon is a carbon fiber youth karting helmet based on the F1 proven RS7 design. The sleek, aerodynamic shell...

GMAX - FF-49 DOT Full Face Karting Helmet
(MD & LG Only)
Retail: $104.95

With its aggressive styling and lightweight design, the FF-49 proves that a great quality doesn’t have to come at a high price.The FF-49 comes with many features you would expect on more expensive helmets. Features such as a comfortable Coolmax...

ZAMP - Z20 Helmet Shields - Fits All RZ Models

Need to replace a damaged shield or just wanting to give your helmet a cool new look?These ZAMP Z20 shields fit all ZAMP RZ helmet models. (Full compatibility list below) All ZAMP Z-20 Series Helmet Shields include Tear Off Posts and a removable...

ZAMP - Z19 Helmet Shields for FS-8 & FS-9

Need to replace a damaged shield or just wanting to give your helmet a cool new look? ZAMP Z19 shields only fit the ZAMP FS-8 & FS-9 Helmets. Styles Available: - Dark Smoke Shield has a Dark Tinted Finish;- View from inside of helmet is equivalent...

Bell - 287 SRV 3MM Shields - Fits K1 Sport / K1 Pro / GP.2Y

This 3MM injection molded polycarbonate face shield from Bell features an anti-fog coating for improved fog control. This shield uses the SRV-1 pivot kit and is compatible with style C tear offs. Shield fits the following Helmets: K1 Sport (SA2020...

Bell - GTX.3 Aero SA2020 Helmet

The all new GTX3 is an ideal choice for racers competing in open wheel, formula, karting, or dirt track racing. The Snell SA2020/FIA8859 GTX.3 features sleek aero styling including a front chin gurney and integrated rear wing for enhanced...

B2 - Apex SA2020 Racing Helmet
Retail: $379.95

The B2 Apex Helmet was designed by Bell as a premium helmet- but without the premium price tag.The Apex helmet includes details usually seen in much more expensive helmets. It is certified to the Snell SA2020 standard and makes for a great...

Bell - RS7-K LTWT Carbon K2020 Karting Helmet

The RS7K LTWT brings to kart racing the same innovations Bell brought to us in the RS7C LTWT. The RS7C LTWT was developed through a collaboration with Penske Racing to reduce weight and enhance airflow. This ultra-lightweight version of the RS7...

Bell - GTX.3 Carbon Aero SA2020 Helmet

The all new GTX3 Carbon is an professionals choice for racers competing in open wheel, formula, karting, or dirt track racing. The Snell SA2020/FIA8859 rated GTX.3 Carbon features sleek aero styling including a front chin gurney and integrated rear...

ZAMP - RZ-36 DIRT SA2020 Helmet
Retail: $259.95

Zamp Racing is now offering a Dirt-specific lightweight fiberglass helmet. Based on the popular RZ-36, the "Dirt" keeps dust and dirt out! No front vents to get covered in gunk, with a fully removable/replaceable liner with chin curtain. This...

ZAMP - RZ-65D Carbon DIRT Track SA2020 Helmet
Retail: $514.95

Zamp Racing is proud to offer a Dirt-Specific Carbon Fiber helmet. Based on an all new design, the RZ-65D "Dirt" keeps both dust and dirt out! This Snell SA2020 Rated helmet utilizes a lightweight shell featuring a large and eye-catching carbon...

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