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    The OMP Carbon Rib Vest is a lightweight karting rib protector that makes safety a first priority. This vest not only protects from unforeseen impacts, but also helps to prevent exhaustion during those longer karting sessions.

    This OMP rib vest is made out of an ultra light weight carbon fiber composite that is extremely strong, but without the weight penalty. The carbon fiber is separated into three separate panels that are designed to flex around the body in the event of an impact for maximum protection. These carbon panels are lined with padding on the inside making for a very comfortable fit.

    The rear panel of the vest features additional external dampening to absorb vibrations transmitted from the kart seat to your back. With this vibration inhibited, maintaining focus on the race is easier and less tiring.

    The OMP Carbon Karting Rib Vest uses adjustable straps to fine tune the fit under your karting suit.

    OMP Rib Vest Sizing:
      29-34" Chest: X-Small
      32-39" Chest: Small
      35-41" Chest: Medium
      39-44" Chest: Large

    Notes A: Karting Rib Vest / Chest Protector

    Youth Sizes, Rib Vests
    Part Number #: KK047E007

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