OMP - FIRST FIA-Rated Balaclava

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    Fire retardant balaclava with flat seams for comfort.

    Available in two sizes: Regular (Medium) size and a Small size.

    We recommend the Small size if you use an X-Small or Small helmet and the Regular (Medium) size for all other helmet sizes.

    Carries the FIA8856-2018 homologation. This is roughly equivalent to the SFI3.3 rating commonly used in the USA and should be accepted at any event the SFI3.3 or SFI-5 rating is required.

    Notes A: FIA8856-2018 Rated Balaclava
    Notes B: Auto Racing Fire Retardant Nomex Head Sock

    Auto Racing, Dirt Track, FIA-Rated, Hoods / Balaclavas
    Part Number #: IAA/7700

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