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    The OMP KS-3R "Art" Karting Suit takes one of the most popular karting suits on the market and gives it an incredible visual and technological upgrade. The KS-3R Art builds upon all of the great features of the standard suit by adding full body printed graphics for an undeniable high impact visual display and a lighter overall weight while still featuring CIK-FIA Level 2 Homologation.

    The KS-3R Art Kart Suit is truly unlike any other suit we've seen before. OMP has perfected the manufacture of a full suit printing process allowing them to create a visual spectacle over the entire surface of the suit. Further, this printing does away with the added bulk that additional embroidery layers usually require to create a visual appeal.

    Abrasion resistance is still top notch with a full multilayer composition featuring lightweight external Cordura with a soft kitted inner lining that offers a high level of protection. There is full body ventilation to help you keep your cool in the most demanding races and during the hottest months of the year. There are breathable mesh panels on both legs, along the crotch, in the pockets, as well as under the sleeves.

    The KS-3R also gets OMP's exclusive "no-belt" design allowing for a more tailored fit without the bunching that often accompanies other suits. The lower back of the suit includes an elastic stretch panel that keeps the suit from tugging while seated in the racing position. The neck collar is low cut and will not bunch up under your helmet while the arms are fully floating for ease of movement. The hips still have convenient outer pockets and to make getting in and out easier, OMP took inspiration from motorcycle racing suits in designing the KS-3's zip closure.

    The OMP KS-3R Art Suit is CIK-FIA Level 2 Homologated, meeting CIK and FIA homologation standards for eligibility in international-level CIK/FIA-regulated karting competitions. This suit is a premium karting suit with an unmatched visual appeal for those karters who refuse to sacrifice style or performance while competing for the podium!

    • Full Body Printed Graphic Design
    • Printing allows for lighter weight and unmatched visual appeal
    • MultiLayer Abrasion Resistance with Cordura outer layer
    • Unique "no-belt" design for custom tailored look
    • Soft Kitted Interior Lining
    • Fully Floating Arms
    • Low Cut Neck Collar
    • Full Body Ventilation on Legs, Crotch, Pockets, and Sleeves
    • Available in a wide range of sizes from Child to Adult
    • CIK-FIA Level 2 Approved

    The safest suit for maximum fire protection is a loose fitting one.
    A suit's fire protection capability is directly related to the fit of the garment. A properly fitted racing suit will have small air gaps in between the body and the garment. A suit worn too tightly will compress these air gaps- allowing heat to reach the skin faster.

    An additional consideration should be the position the garment will be worn in. Specifically, the clamshell orientation of the driving position requires additional material in order to prevent tugging the wearer. This is especially important when wearing a one piece suit. To account for this when selecting a suit: ensure you are on the lower end of the range for a particular size so there will be enough material to prevent the suit from tugging when seated.

    Sizing Notes: Sizing varies between brands. Please check the sizing chart for *each* item.

    Homologation: CIK-FIA Level 2 Homologation
    Notes A: 3-Layer Abrasion Resistant Karting Suit
    Notes B: Fully Printed Graphic Kart Suit
    Usage: Recommended for kart racing only. This suit is not SFI-Rated nor meant for use in auto racing events.

    Karting Suits Only, Youth Sizes, 1-Piece Suits, CIK-FIA Rated, Women's Suits, Multi Layer
    Part Number #: KA0-1730-A01

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