ZAMP - RZ Air Vent Scoop


Price: $14.95
    The ZAMP RZ Air Vent Scoops are great accessory for open cockpit and kart racing. These vent scoops direct air into the helmet at speed increasing ventilation. They come in a clear finish with screws for easy installation. Vent Plugs are also available if you want the option to easily close the vent to prevent dirt / water intrusion.

    Note some helmets are able to install vent scoops on both top and sides of the helmet. These helmets are noted below.

    RZ Vent Air Scoop Fits:

    • ZAMP RZ-36 (top)
    • ZAMP RZ-36 Dirt (top)
    • ZAMP RZ-42Y (top)
    • ZAMP RZ-56 (top)
    • ZAMP RZ-59 (top)
    • ZAMP RZ-60 (top)
    • ZAMP RZ-62 (top and side)
    • ZAMP RZ-64C (top and side)
    • ZAMP RZ-65D (top)
    • ZAMP RZ-70E (top)
    • -------------
    • ZAMP RZ-35 (top)
    • ZAMP RZ-58 (top)
    • ZAMP RZ-40 (top)
    • ZAMP RZ-42 (top)
    • ZAMP RZ-44C (top)
    • ZAMP RZ-44CE (top)
    • ZAMP RZ-45D (top)

    Forced Air, Shields / Visors
    Part Number #: HTV200CL