Alpinestars has created essential and anatomically influenced protection for serious kart racers. We highly recommend all karters use both a rib vest and neck brace while racing!

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Alpinestars - Bionic Youth Neck Support

The Alpinestars Bionic Youth Neck Support is specifically designed with younger racers in mind. Its unique and lightweight design provides an alternative path for energy dissipation to help protect the neck from injury. It uses included straps to...

Alpinestars - Bionic Karting Rib Vest

The Alpinestars Bionic Rib Vest is a high-performance and high-protection rib protector available in both youth and adult sizes. This vest is lightweight and features a 3-piece construction that allows you to tailor the perfect fit for your chest...

Alpinestars - Sequence Youth Karting Neck Brace

Designed and developed specifically for younger racers, the Sequence Youth Neck Brace is the starting point on a junior racers journey to the podium.Ergonomically profiled for a young racer’s body requirements the Sequence Neck Brace’s...

Alpinestars - Kart Cover

Alpinestars’ Kart Cover protects your kart from getting covered in dirt or dust while in the paddock and keeps it dry when it rains. The structured shape and elasticated lower edge provides a universal fitment for all classes of kart and keeps it...

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