No matter the type of kart racing you're doing a karting helmet is essential! We are happy to help you make sense of all of the safety ratings and styles to choose from.`

Most kart racing organizations require a karting helmet meeting the SFI 24.1 or Snell M2020, K2020, SA2020, or CMR2016 standards. Generally, any helmet with a Snell or SFI Rating is a good place to start looking for a karting helmet- searching across all of the ratings will give you the widest selection of^ helmets to choose from.

For children, we recommend a Youth Specific karting helmet as these use a much smaller and lighter outer shell that is easier for younger racers to manage while cornering at speed.

If you are looking for a helmet for home go-kart use or indoor karting, you may opt for a cheaper DOT Certified helmet. Helmets with only a DOT rating are not usually accepted for other types of kart racing though.

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Alpinestars - ZX EVO v2 SFI/FIA Balaclava

Alpinestars ZX Series EVO Balaclavas are constructed with Lenzing FR; an innovative natural viscose fiber that affords exceptional flame resistance and protection against heat transfer. This Formula 1 specification balaclava is extremely...

ZAMP - SFI-Rated Helmet Skirt

Zamp's Helmet Skirt provides an additional safety layer under and around your helmet. SFI 3.3 certified with the label attached to pass tech inspection. Made using lightweight, breathable materials, our helmet skirt helps to keep dirt and debris...

ZAMP - Forced Air Adapters - Fits all RZ Helmets

These ZAMP RZ Top Air Adapters shields fit all ZAMP RZ helmet models. (Full compatibility list below) RZ Top Air Adapters allow intake for fresh air comfort circulated through air port channels directed onto the visor, minimizing fog and...

Bell - K.1 Sport Mini Replica Signature Helmet

Based on our popular K.1 Sport Helmet, this half-scale replica helmet is a favorite for autograph enthusiasts! Your favorite driver's signature will make this a treasured favorite. The Bell Miniature K.1 Sport Replica Helmet is perfect for any...

Racing Optics - Laminated Helmet Tearoffs

The World's Most Optically Advanced Tearoff Technology!3 Packs of 10-Layer "Distortion Free" Tearoffs. (30 Tearoffs Total)Reflection is caused by the speed of light slowing down as it enters a transparent material. When light travels through...

DMS - Tearoffs - 2 Mil - Box of 200

These 2 Mil. tearoffs are packaged 20 per pack with 10 packs per box (200 total tearoffs.)  Note: The "ZAMP Tearoffs" are not compatible with the ZAMP FS-8 OR FS-9 Helmets (these helmets do not have tearoff posts.) All other ZAMP helmets are...

Bell - HANS Pro V.2 Helmet & Gear Bag

Bell's Pro V2 Bag is padded to protect your helmet and over-sized to allow both the helmet and neck restraint device to be stored in the same bag. This bag fits all neck restraints including HANS, Necksgen, and ZAMP/Z-Tech and features a unique...

Fly Racing - Helmet Garage Bag

Size: 11” H X 10” W X 18” L Full Fleece Liner – protects your helmet’s paint Upper Mesh Venting – to allow helmet to dry Plastic Bottom – keeps helmet separated from the elements Generous Side Pockets...

K1 - Pro Flex SFI/FIA Rated Nomex Balaclava

The new Pro Flex Balaclavas are constructed of the highest quality blend of 100% Nomex and natural viscose fibers. This innovative material construction offers not only superior flame resistance and protection against heat transfer, but is the...

ZAMP - Anti-Fog Helmet Insert

Fog Free Film Applied to Inside of Helmet Shield Fits most brands of Helmets Automotive, Motorcycle, and Karting Helmets Vision in Extreme Conditions Works in Cold and Rain Optical Advantage with No Distortion

Bell - Victory R1 Deluxe Helmet Bag

Bell's high-quality Victory R1 Bag protects your investment while incorporating updated styling elements based on Bell?s original all-leather helmet bag. The bag features an external pocket for storage of helmet hardware accessory kits and built-in...

Pro-Tek - Fresh Air Helmet Pumper

For use with fresh air helmets. Keeps dust & dirt out. Provides cooler air inside the helmet & prevents the shield from fogging. Includes remote mount fan & filter assembly with 4 foot hose. Must be wired to a 12 volt power source.Connects to...

Bell - SE03 3MM DSAF Shields - Fits GP.3 / GP3 Sport / GTX.3

3MM injection molded optically correct polycarbonate face shield with double screen anti fog (DSAF) insert for superior fog control. This shield uses the SV (SE03/SE05) pivot kit and is compatible with style C tear offs. Choose between many...

Alpinestars - Flow v2 Helmet & HANS Bag
(w/ Powered Dryer)

The Alpinestars Flow v2 Helmet & HANS Bag not only lets you easily transport and protect your gear, but also has a built-in powered fan to let you dry out your equipment quickly. The Flow v2 Helmet & HANS Bag is made from a lightweight Polyester...

Bell - Quilted Helmet & HANS Gear Bag

Designed to protect the advanced line of helmets while incorporating a storage compartment for the head and neck restraint device, this Black Quilted Helmet Bag features a protective lining and a separate head and neck restraint device storage area...

ZAMP - Z15 Helmet Shields for FSA-3
(Dark Smoke Only)

Need to replace a damaged shield or just wanting to give your helmet a cool new look?These ZAMP Z15 shields fit the ZAMP FSA-3. (Full compatibility list below) All ZAMP Z-15 Series Helmet Shields include Tear Off Posts and a removable Sun-Strip at...

Bell - SE07 3MM DSAF Shields - Fits RS7 & RS7-K

3MM injection molded optically correct polycarbonate face shield with double screen anti fog (DSAF) insert for superior fog control. The SE07 shield uses the SV (SE07) pivot kit, is compatible with tear offs and is available in a variety of colors....

Bell - SE06 3MM Shields - Fits HP6 / GT6 Helmets

3MM injection molded optically correct polycarbonate face shield with AntiFog for fog control.The SE06 shield uses the SV (SE07) pivot kit, is compatible with tear offs and is available in a variety of colors. Bell SE06 3MM Shield Fitment Guide:...

OMP - FIRST FIA-Rated Balaclava

Fire retardant balaclava with flat seams for comfort. Available in two sizes: Regular (Medium) size and a Small size. We recommend the Small size if you use an X-Small or Small helmet and the Regular (Medium) size for all other helmet sizes....

Alpinestars - Race v3 SFI/FIA Balaclava

This Formula 1 specification balaclava is extremely lightweight and thin, while being incredibly soft to the touch for greatly enhanced comfort when wearing a driving suit. Advanced tech base layer with Alpinestars innovative flame-resistant...

PJ1 - Helmet Shield Fog Blocker Spray

Tested under extreme fogging conditions from high-temperature, high-humidity environments, to sub-zero, humid conditions PJ1 Fog Blocker prevents fog from forming on goggles, face shields, glasses, mirrors, etc. Ensures crystal clear vision in...

ZAMP - Z20 Shield Retention Kit - Fits all RZ Helmets

Replacement Z20 Shield Retention Kit for RZ helmets. This kit fits all ZAMP helmets with a model name beginning with "RZ" (ex. RZ-59, RZ-44C, RZ-70E, etc) Contains all hardware needed to attach the shield to the helmet. Helmet retention kit will...

Bell - Fleece-Lined Deluxe Helmet Bag

The Fleece Bag is a plush fleece-lined helmet bag that will protect your helmet from the outdoor elements after racing. Built in mesh toward the top of the bag allows for limited breathability and the single zipper makes the bag simple to use....

OMP - Karting Neck Brace

The OMP Karting Neck Collar is an anatomically designed neck support collar in expanded polyurethane. This neck collar makes use of differentiated density to allow firm support in the rear while the front of the collar remains soft and flexible....

Bell Moto - Click Release Shields - Qualifier & Vortex

ClickRelease was designed for the quickest, easiest shield swaps ever. To remove, simply fully open the shield and depress the ClickRelease Triggers. For installation, just align shield pivots in the fully open position and push until they click...

RaceQuip - 360 Helmet Support Neck Brace

SFI Version Carries SFI 3.3 CertificationFull Round 360 Shape 2" Thick Tapered Wedge Design Flame Retardant High-Density Foam Woven FRC Cover Velcro ClosureAvailable in Youth & Adult Sizes! The RaceQuip 360 Helmet Support is made of...

ZAMP - NC-40 SFI-Rated Neck Collar

A basic auto racing neck collar that provides protection against common neck and collarbone injuries.This neck collar is SFI 3.3 rated. Features: SFI 3.3 Rated Low profile design Easy front entry system Youth Size for Racers less than 5'3" /...

Simpson - Hybrid Sport Youth SFI-38.1 Restraint

The Simpson Hybrid Sport head and neck restraint is now available in a youth specific size. This Youth model fits Chest sizes 26 to 30" and most children from 9 to 12 years old. The Hybrid Youth Sport gives you all the safety of an adult version,...

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