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Our custom OMP Karting Packages are a step up from the standard fare of safety apparel. These unique and professional quality kits are not only well matched visually, but also feature the best available safety in the karting industry.

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OMP - KS-4 CIK-FIA Karting Package
Retail: $495.00

This custom OMP KS-4 Karting Package features a CIK-FIA Level 1 Rated Suit with eye-catching color matched accessories for that professional look. This package includes the following items: OMP - KS-4 CIK-FIA Level 1 Karting Suit OMP - KS-3 Karting...

OMP - KS-3 CIK-FIA Karting Package
Retail: $615.00

Our custom OMP KS-3 Karting Package merges top level safety with eye-catching style and superior fit. This combo features a CIK‑FIA Level 2 Rated Suit and premium accessories for those racers ready to graduate to a higher level of...

OMP - KS-3 Pro Series CIK-FIA Kart Package
Retail: $935.00

The KS-3 Pro Series Package is our flagship karting safety package. It features a CIK‑FIA Level 2 Rated Suit that is matched with a top level neck brace, rib vest, gloves, and shoes. Each of the items included are at the cutting edge of kart...

OMP - FIRST FIA Auto Racing Package
Retail: $1,005.00

The OMP First FIA Auto Racing Package uses a lightweight two layer suit with color-matched gloves and shoes for a tailored look with the performance to match!The items in this package carry FIA ratings that are roughly equivalent to the SFI3.2A/5...

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