OMP karting shoes are a great option for karters looking for superb pedal feel, fantastic grip, and a lightweight construction wrapped up in brilliant` colorways. These shoes are extremely popular with karters the world over and we keep a large inventory of them available to make it easy to get yourself a pair as well!

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OMP - KS-3 Karting Shoes

The OMP KS-3 Karting Shoe has set the standard for all kart racing shoes since its introduction and continues to be one of the most popular karting shoes on the track today. This latest version adds incremental improvements throughout the shoe...

OMP - KS-2 LaceFree Karting Shoes

The OMP KS-2 Karting Shoe continues to show OMP's pioneering approach to its karting lineup. This new KS-2 Shoe sets the benchmark for comfort and ease-of-use with its innovative lacefree design and bold styling. The KS-2 Karting Shoe is a mid-top...

OMP - KS-1 Pro Karting Shoes

The OMP KS-1 Karting Shoe is the premium kart racing shoe for karters who demand the best. This shoe is unbelievably lightweight and has incredible breathability due to it's mesh construction. The KS-1 Karting Shoe is derived directly from OMP's...

OMP - FIRST FIA-Rated Auto Racing Shoes

The OMP FIRST Auto Racing Shoe is the benchmark against which other racing shoes are measured and this latest update continues OMP's commitment to putting the driver first. This thoughtfully designed mid-top shoe is extremely comfortable and...

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